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A little About Via

Hello there! Thanks for dropping in. We are Sean and Lizzie Casteel, creators of Via Design and Development. Born and raised in The Natural State, we both have a big passion for all things Arkansas. We created this company because we believe it is our purpose to help Arkansas succeed, one business at a time.

We believe the real way to see that success happen in today’s market is by helping companies cultivate an authentic and effective online presence. We aim to make our solutions practical, our process easy, and our environment fun.

Wondering why in the world we chose the name “Via”? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. “Via” was chosen because it best represents what we want to accomplish and who we are as a company. Simply defined as “by way of,” it exemplifies our mission to be the pathway to help others succeed. Whether you need to #SucceedVia graphic design, web development, social media management, marketing collateral, web design, or branding, we are here to see you excel

Check us out! We can’t wait to get started with you.

Sean Casteel

With a guiding motto, “always leave something better than you find it," Sean works diligently to understand what a client needs in order to create what they truly want. He combines his experience in front-end development and open source content management systems with his experience guiding development teams to deliver intelligent and realistic results. He combines his love of problem solving with his charismatic and approachable attitude to ensure his clients leave with a sense of ease and confidence in their digital presence.

Lizzie Casteel

Focusing on the use of space, typography, perception, and color, Lizzie works hard to breathe life into each design. With experience in all Adobe Creative Cloud products and a Type-A personality, Lizzie combines her love of organization and structure with a passion for artistic expression. You can trust that her attention-to-detail and creativity will ensure each piece is well-planned and unique. She focuses on creating effective branding elements that will take any company to new heights.

Rocky and Red Casteel

With a classic happy-go-lucky attitude, Red focuses his days on making sure the humans in the house are happy and comforted. Whether it’s snuggling up on the couch, prancing for food, or playing with toys, Red is prepared to adorably invade their personal space. His brother, Rocky, is equally as eager to make his humans feel loved, but not without his own strategy. Following them into every room, digging holes, and begging to cuddle on furniture is Rocky’s recipe to make the best out of the worst days. In their spare time, both good boys enjoy trekking around the neighborhood with their humans and protecting them from nefarious squirrels.



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